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Choosing Inception

"Even when the journey has started, you can always choose a new path"

Is Therapy For Me?

You may be considering therapy and wondering if taking that first step is right for you. With experience as both a mental health therapist and counselor, our Founder can tell you there are many benefits to counseling or therapy. Mental health therapy may assist clients in tackling obstacles and creating goals from a clinical perspective as well as other resources. Therapists will utilize various methodologies to work towards goals and can help diagnose mental health disorders. Therapists are typically licensed and have a minimum of a masters level education.

Mental health does not discriminate and

#therapy is for anyone

 With complimentary consultations, let us help you discover if starting therapy now, is the right fit for you!

All of our services are trauma informed and we advocate for accessible mental wellness.

Therapeutic Approach

At Inception, we specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions and more! Our services are client centered and utilize a "talk therapy" approach as well as other tools to support clients in the most helpful way.

We also offer trauma spiritual based services.

We want to see you obtain the life you are envisioning!

Business Interview

Safe-Space Therapy

It may seem odd or even difficult to think of sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone. Especially someone you've just met!

We are intentional about creating spaces that support our clients in feeling most comfortable in the therapeutic space. Family, friends, and even co-workers can be great supports! But...

we can help take the burden off of loved ones that "venting" can unintentionally bring and create the opportunity for you to release your thoughts, with an unbiased approach.  

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