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Support Services

Individualized Approach

You may have wondered why mental health therapy doesn’t always seem like it’s meant for everyone and only fits a specific demographic. We are here to ensure you that if you have been struggling with past trauma, anxiety, depression, or simply trying to find your peace, that beginning therapy may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. If you’ve been considering services and don’t know where to start, let’s work together in creating what you envision for your life.

We strongly believe that representation matters and equitable mental health is necessary. We advocate for accessible and equitable mental health for people of color and incorporate this into our practice. “One size fits all”  is not for us, or for you!  We ensure that our approach is created for clients based on their individual experiences and needs.

What We Offer

Psychotherapy with specialty in:

  • Trauma

  • Life Transition

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationships

Group Therapy


Adolescent Therapy

Did You Know?

Child and adolescent therapy is a specialty and much different than therapy offered to adults?

With years of experience in

 school based therapy and school counseling, our founder also accepts adolescent clients

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