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Self-Care When You Don't Care: Tools for When A Pandemic Won't Let You Be Great

Updated: May 3, 2022

If you just developed anxiety, please stand up! Chances are if you didn't have it before, it's probably developed over the past couple of months. Information overload, opinions galore, and unwanted advice surrounding the "novel virus" has been flooding websites, store advertising, and most of all social media. This post will not join the hype... not today anyway. Although it is important and vital to stay informed, it just as beneficial to be able to decompress and clear your mind. So what have you been doing when the talk of the town, makes you feel like you're going to drown!?

So many outlets have given tools that deem to be helpful for staying optimistic and decreasing nights via video conferencing, quarantine bingo, and of course the famous "teach me how to dance, but I still can't" apps. They are all great ways to keep your mind clear, but you can only watch other people dance in front of a camera for so long, before another activity is greatly needed, It's most helpful to remember that breaking away from the negativity and focusing on short terms goals is a must. Navigating how to live through these things independently isn't easy. But whyyyyy? Before this...saying no to hanging out with friends and grabbing a glass of Sweet Red, was my go to! So...WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?

Believe it or not, people are naturally social beings. This doesn't mean that everyone loves to be the center of attention or excludes the greatly appreciated introverted personality. It simply means that from a psychological perspective, human beings naturally feel the need to belong. This is often obtained by our connection and relationships with other humans. Ooooh, so that's why this social distancing thing is so hard? That's only one of many reasons. Of course this is based on the assumption that most of us interact with others on a regular basis, whether an introvert or not. Whether prepared or unexpected, change is freaking hard! Especially when there is nothing you can do to control your environment. For those of us who experience anxiety or depression, sudden change is often a trigger. In therapy we learn to take accountability for our actions, by finding solutions. So what do you when there isn't one?

There are so many perspectives on what is best to do during this time. Everyone will have something that works for them and something that just, well...doesn't. And that's okay! So what, if your girlfriend is happy to be home, because she can't get enough of binge watching her favorite streaming service? Who cares if your Mom is grateful to finally have time to catch up on gossip with her quarantined co-workers. Everyone has coping skills that work differently for them. One of the biggest mental challenges, yet eventually effective, is finding yours. Although we can't promise that any of these will work for you, what would this post be if we didn't at least offer a few self-care tips that you can try!?

(Suggestions only:We are not sponsors for the websites mentioned below and cannot confirm their reliability or satisfaction)

Me, Myself, and I Party (Introverted Suggestions)

Find an online book club: These can be done through chat rooms or video conferencing.Find an option that works best for you.

*Second to that, finally read a book, you normally don't have time to read

*Choose a self care tip that works for you. Common favorites in group therapy are: bubble baths, painting/coloring, cooking, planting/gardening, or the famous go to...binge watching movies (Netflix, Disney+, HBO, etc.)

*Being stuck in the house can be emotionally draining, make sure you get outside at least 3 times/week. Don't have a green space for walking? Patio chairs and benches work too!

Life of the Party (Extroverted Suggestions)

*Mixer w/ Friends via Videoconferencing and bring your own wine/drinks and snacks!(Apps: Zoom, SKYPE, FaceTime, Meetings, etc)

*Virtual Karaoke aka Telekaraoke Parties (Yes there is an app for this!)

*Sip and Paint Parties (There are websites that actually sell painting kits and can deliver them to your home. You will have to wait until they are shipped and delivered, but it sounds like so much fun!) Website:

*Phone call with at least 3 friends or family a day

Remember to...

*Take a break from negativity

*It's okay to schedule times to watch the news,

*Try not to overthink or over-watch

*Recite this word with everything you do. Think....PERSPECTIVE!

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